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Our Quality and Service

At the time you book your minibus, buses and coaches hire with us, we will provide you with 24/7 support, helping you cope with any flexibility and changes that you may have in mind. Feel free to communicate with us so that we can address the changes together.

We will not just allow you to enjoy a great travel, but we will also ensure that all your needs are attended. If there is something bothering you about your schedule and time, kindly tell our professional staffs and they will help you all the way.

Profressional Minibus Drivers

Our professional bus drivers for coach hire Dublin are all qualified, certified, and trained to work with you from the start of your journey to the end, ensuring that your needs will be executed seamlessly.

Our minibus buses and coaches are all equipped with quality and advanced features to ensure that you receive the best service that you foresee from us during your booking time.

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Are you in need of minibus, buses, and coaches? Our coach hire Dublin can help you get the best transport service that you need. Feel free to call us if you need one.

Over the years we have been training drivers in category D full coach and D1 Minibus.

Coach and Minibus Driving Instruction

Coach driving and Minibus driving comes with huge responsibility and requires high levels of professionalism and concentration and need to have expert handling at all times with passenger safety our number 1 priority.

Times have certainly changed since the introduction of CPC Modular training means that both HGV and Bus drivers are now some of the most highly trained drivers in the world.

We have been supplying trained drivers to the market for years and have produced hundreds of the best bus drivers and best driving lessons Dublin has to offer.

Companies all over Ireland have all engaged our training services and we have supplied many qualified bus drivers having brought each candidate through the initial process of acquiring a learner permit which entails the theory test and the case studies combined on the same exam.

Having acquired the Learner permit its then onto our Driving lessons. We start relatively slowly on a walk around including safety checks and really what exactly they should know about the vehicle including heights, lengths, weights, suspension.

Once inside its the onto the cockpit details and seating arrangements, mirrors adjustment and literally where everything is from a control point of view.

Once we have gone through everything we move on to moving and stopping and spacial reasoning where the pupil must familiarise with the size and width of the larger vehicle.

for more information on our bus driving lesson Dublin then find us over at National Driving School Dublin